Rock Solid! DIY These So-Simple (And Glam) Bookends

We could easily waste entire days on Pinterest browsing the endless stream of inspiring DIYs. But the reality is there are just too many projects and too little time. That's where designlovefest comes in. The charmingly curated blog started by Bri Emery captures everything we love about a fun, at-home project: color, quirk, and usability. Basically, we want to make each and every one. So, each week we'll be sharing the blog's easy instructions for projects that are both adorable and useful. Trust — you'll feel like a crafting goddess in no time!
What You'll Need
• Large rocks (available at building-supply shops). Be sure to find ones that sit at a nice angle when placed next to each other. We also recommend giving your rocks a good scrub before starting the project, so that the paint adheres well.
• Metallic-gold spray paint — be sure to get the super-shiny stuff.
• Small cork-adhesive pads.
• Cork pads for the bottom, so they don’t scratch the surface and move easily.
Previously, we showed you how to fancy up those ugly power cords running around your office. This week we have a VERY simple way to add some glamour to your bookshelf. Buy some rocks…or just go on a walk and find some you like. Then all you have to do is spray-paint them gold. (Makes me miss sifting for gold in that computer game "Oregon Trail.") We added a pink ombre to the bottom…we made paperweights…polka-dot designs. Make yours unique!
Designlovefest is a multiple contributor design, fashion, and lifestyle blog headed by Bri Emery. It's a place where type and images totally make out.

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