Striped Shelves: The DIY Your Walls Have Been Waiting For

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What You'll Need:
• Pre-cut wood boards (we used 3 ft. birch boards)
• ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape in various sizes
• Glossy white and gold spray paint
• Aqua craft paint
• Shelving hardware
• A paint brush
• Sketch designs, both linear and geometric are best for this project. We decided to use three colors, white, gold and aqua as an accent to the natural wood. Make a note in your sketch which areas will be painted which color.
• Tape out the design on both sides of the board, paying attention to the edges to be sure your design wraps around.
• Tape over all the areas that you have designated to paint gold.
• Spray the exposed areas with glossy white paint on both sides and edges. Allow to dry completely — the longer you let the paint dry the nicer the final results will be.
• Peel the tape to expose the area to be painted gold and then tape over the white areas.
• Spray three glamorous layers of gold paint on the exposed areas and let dry. • Peel off all the tape to reveal the entire board.
• Pick some small areas within your design to tape off and paint the Aqua color. Use a paintbrush for accuracy.
• Peel the last layer of paint to unleash your beautiful new shelf!
• Install the shelf according to the specifications of your chosen hardware.
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DIY by: Natalie Shriver
Photos by: Kimberly Genevieve

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