Tape It To The Limit: DIY This Washi Journal

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What You'll Need:
• Moleskine journals with kraft covers (any notebook with a smooth paper like cover will work)
• Washi tape
• Gold foil tape (available at art and hobby stores)
• Scissors
• Simply run tape at an angle across cover. Leave yourself 1/4 inch of tape along the edges so that you can secure it on the inside of the cover. It’s easiest to run your first tape somewhere across the middle of the notebook.
• Continue to add more tape using the first as a guide so that they all run at the same angle parallel to each other.
• Where ever possible wrap the tape around the back and continue to tape in one long pass.
• Snip ends of tape and secure the ends on the inside on the cover.
• Turn notebook over and add more washi to the areas in the corners where the tape hasn’t wrapped all the way around for design continuity.
• Add thin gold tape as an accent in the same manner as the washi tape, snip, and secure.
• Start writing all those big ideas down like you promised yourself you would!
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DIY by: Natalie Shriver
Photos by: Kimberly Genevieve

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