DIY This Polka-Dot Umbrella — Rainy Days, Beware!

We could easily waste entire days on Pinterest browsing the endless stream of inspiring DIYs. But the reality is there are just too many projects and too little time. That's where designlovefest comes in. The charmingly curated blog started by Bri Emery captures everything we love about a fun, at-home project: color, quirk, and usability. Basically, we want to make each and every one. So, each week we'll be sharing the blog's easy instructions for projects that are both adorable and useful. Trust — you'll feel like a crafting goddess in no time!
What You'll Need:
• Umbrellas
• Craft paint that is listed for fabric (we like Martha Stewart’s)
• Blue painter’s tape
• Wax paper
• Paint brush
• Circle cutter or circle punch (we like this circle cutter kit)
• Tape a section of blue tape onto the wax paper.
• Punch or cut a hole in the wax paper to create a circular stencil.
• Pull the tape off the wax paper and transfer onto the umbrella in a desired place and smooth down.
• Paint the stencil. We recommend applying two coats.
• Let it dry completely, then peel off the tape. Voilà!
We used slightly larger dots for the black umbrella and just painted the inside so that the polka dots had more of a fun reveal when opened. The little pink heart we just painted by hand…it doesn’t have to be perfect!
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