Lights On: DIY This Cool Ombré Pendant Lamp

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What You'll Need:
• 8 inch glass pendant light (Sea Gull lighting makes a nice one readily available online)
• Martha Stewart Glass Paint Spray System available exclusively at Michael's
• Martha Stewart Opaque Metallic Glass Paint in Champagne
• Martha Stewart Translucent Frost Glass Paint in Pink Flamingo
• Rubbing alcohol
• Cotton squares
• Tissue paper
• Small mixing bowl
• Painter’s tape
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Prepare the spray system according to the included directions (some paints are prepared differently than others so be sure to read all the instructions before mixing paints for the sprayer).
• Clean glass globe surface with rubbing alcohol and a cotton square.
• Lay the glass globe on it’s flat side and measure four inches up from the table surface with a ruler.
• Cut small pieces of paper tape & mark all the way around. this will help serve as a guide when you’re painting but it will also prevent the paint from reaching the surface so try and use small pieces.
• Lay tissue paper into the mixing bowl and carefully place the glass globe right side up making sure that your line is level all the way around.
The key to getting a great looking ombré surface is to paint in very light layers and allowing each layer to dry before applying more paint to the surface.
• Load the spray system with the champagne paint, spray a very light layer working all the way around your surface from your mark up to the top of the globe (flat side). Let dry.
• Spray another light layer starting 1 inch from your mark all the way around the glass globe.
• Continue painting in this manner moving an inch up with each layer for a total of 4 layers of paint, if when you get to the top the last layer does not seem opaque you can spray it again. Let dry. We let ours sit for 45 minutes between each layer to ensure that our paint would not run or drip.
• Change the spray system to the pink flamingo paint.
• Starting halfway up from your mark spray light layers of pink paint using the same method, working your way up the glass globe in 1 inch increments.
• Remove the painter’s tape, if you can see the area where the tape was you can very lightly use your finger and a little paint to touch up the area.
* A good tip when creating any gradient effect is to remember that you can’t go backwards, so it’s best to be patient and work slowly in nice light layers, this also makes the fade from one color to another more subtle and beautiful. Be sure to read the painting tips that come with the spray system, we found them to be very helpful in terms of how to operate the sprayer and get a consistent spray. if you are hesitant to use the sprayer you can buy a opal glass replacement globe at the hardware store to practice on, they cost about $5 and you know what they say… practice makes perfect.
A fun idea for a work space would be creating multiple color combinations to hang like this!
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DIY by: Natalie Shriver
Photos by: Kimberly Genevieve

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