8 Things Millennial Women Should Be Learning

Illustrated by Emily Zirimis.
By Koa Beck

When I was a wee lass, my grandmother’s common refrain was that I was “a very enterprising young lady.” So, I was understandably delighted to attend the second annual Bullish Conference — a summit for ambitious women in Miami, FL, hosted by Get Bullish founder Jen Dziura.

Get Bullish, a career- and business-advice website, addresses millennial women who aren’t sure they want to “lean in” to a corporate career or a traditional job (especially when there aren’t that many of those anyway). Get Bullish advocates designing your own career by finding fulfilling ways to create value in what you do. The intimate conference of about 40 women (or bullicorns, as they self-identify) allowed for optimal networking, learning, discussion, coaching, and workshopping about the professional world. Here’s what I learned.

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