5 Ways To Rebrand Yourself Like Taylor Swift

I’m an adult with a job and responsibilities, yet I’m a Taylor Swift super-fan. While some can’t see past her youth or twee blond looks, I see a seriously powerful businesswoman — one we should learn from, not underestimate. Her latest release, 1989, garnered three Grammy nominations, saw the best opening-week sales of her career, and became the “only instant-platinum release” of 2014. Impressive.

Last year was a turning point for Swift’s brand. As Rolling Stone points out, she had a bit of a coming-out party, debuting as a full-fledged pop star. Gone were the frilly white dresses and songs about waiting for Prince Charming. Instead, she rolled out a new identity, one brimming with business prowess and brand awareness.

Want to rebrand yourself or your business? Take a page from T. Swift’s playbook.

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