The Complete Guide To Boozing With Your Coworkers

Illustrated by Sydney Hass.
By Natasha Burton
Back in the Mad Men era, drinking at work was no big deal. (Ed. note: Let’s bring back office bar carts!) You drank to celebrate. You drank to dull failure. You drank because you were bored. And, it was okay.
Fast forward to today: While in-office imbibing isn't completely taboo — some tech companies enjoy kegs right in their kitchens (ours included) — drinking with coworkers, your boss, or direct reports is still murky territory. Especially when you swap cubicles for a bar.
The overarching guidelines are fairly obvious: Don’t have too much, and don’t embarrass yourself. (Fortunately, these often go hand in hand.) But, there's more to navigating these situations than mere volume. Master the art of after-work cocktails with this simple guide.

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