Coworker Stole Your Idea? How To Deal

Illustrated by Jenny Kraemer.
At one point in my career, a slightly senior staffer started freezing me out — failing to invite me to key meetings and leaving my name off memos and emails I should have been included on. I eventually concluded that she might be feeling threatened, so I decided the best tactic would be to show her that I didn’t have Machiavellian intentions.
The next day, I popped by her office and asked if I could get her advice about a story I was having difficulty with. The following week, I asked if I could run some column topics by her before sending them along to our top editor. Each time, I let her know how much I appreciated her help. And, eventually, it worked — instead of seeing me as an adversary, I was a junior editor appealing to her expertise. She gave me great advice, and even became a mentor figure for me.
Like them or not, we spend almost every day with our coworkers (many of us probably see them more than we see our spouses), and it’s key to our career success — not to mention overall well-being — to get along. Read on for creative solutions to handle the worst of the worst.
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