The Healthy Way To Enjoy This Takeout Favorite

We are huge dumpling fans here at Crunchy Radish and typically go to great lengths to seek out the most veg-friendly varieties. Rarely do we consider making our own dumplings — until now.

Store-bought wonton wrappers make the process extraordinarily simple and provide the perfect vehicle to play around with an assortment of fillings and cooking techniques. In honor of spring, we made vibrant, flavorful herb and edamame-filled dumplings and cooked them two ways — one slightly more virtuous than the other.

A peanut-sesame soy sauce serves as the ideal accompaniment for these bright, light, and delectable little parcels.

Radish Rec: Have a dumpling-making party! Create an assembly line, offer a few different fillings, and steam or pan fry the dumplings. This casual way to entertain is a great way to involve the type of guests who are always looking to help out in the kitchen. 

Read on for the recipe.

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