17 Transitional Leather Jackets Worth The Investment

The term "transitional outerwear" makes us excited and a little confused at the same time. Of course we're excited to peel off our puffers and embrace something a bit lighter, but we also don't want to be chilly — and while spring can mean sunny and 72-degrees, it can also mean snow (we know that all too well). So, what really is the perfect transitional jacket to take us through spring? Even though raincoats come in handy in April, our pick is the cropped leather jacket.
Now, our reasons why: You can pop it over a dress with some knee-high boots for work, you can wear it with cropped jeans and sandals at night, and you can even throw it over a slip dress for the handful of weddings you have coming up. And while it's not as cumbersome or full-coverage it's the perfect evolution of the leather jacket you've come to know and love, and it's just the type of piece that gets us genuinely excited to pack those heavier coats away once and for all (or, until next October, at least).
As the (hopefully) last snow outside melts away, click on to find the cropped leather jacket that will become your best friend come April and May.

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