Jessica Alba's Beauty Recs From Moisturizer To Mascara

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We’ve got to give the girl some credit. When Jessica Alba embraced healthy living she didn’t do it in the Stella McCartney-wearing, Sigg water-bottle carrying, quinoa-bowl-at-Cafe Gratitude sense. She threw herself into it, demanding answers from diaper manufacturers (what’s really inside there?) and then developing and road-testing her own, safer version. (Blowouts ensued. It wasn’t pretty.) It’s not exactly what you’d expect a blockbuster actress to be doing during her downtime.
By launching The Honest Company, Jessica made toxicity and kids’ health a conversation worth having by shining a light on the questionable practices of some consumer goods companies and offering parents answers — and cute alternatives, like adorably patterned diapers that nix the plastics and gels (!) found in conventional ones.
Nice thing about Jessica: She’s not righteous about it — she admits cloth diapers weren’t right for her kids Honor, 5, and Haven, 2, and she can’t quit her Retinol habit. “It’s up to you to figure out what’s going to work in your own life,” she says.
“As a mom, especially, you learn to let go of what you can’t control and just focus on a handful of things within your power. You’ll go crazy trying to figure out every possible toxic trap.”
Lucky for us, she’s figured out most of them and shared it in her book. We loved her advice on “greening” your beauty routine so much we asked her for more! “With help from great makeup artists in the business like Katey Denno, who has an awesome blog, plus EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database, and my favorite green beauty retailer, Spirit Beauty Lounge, I’ve got a 10-minute routine that doesn’t skimp on safety — or beauty.” And now, so do you.
Face Time
Tata Harper Moisturizer is a multitasker – it’s tinted and has SPF. RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up is great because it’s non-toxic and fits in your purse for touch-ups. And, I’m still obsessed with any product containing Retinol because there’s no more effective wrinkle-fighter. It’s not the most green thing in the world, but as I say, it’s about being honest, not perfect!
The Eyes Have It
Open your eyes to the awesomeness that is the Shu Uemura Lash Curler! Though most brands haven’t figured out how to do an effective, eco-friendly mascara, Physician’s Formula mascara comes the closest. L’Oréal Voluminous and Dior Diorshow mascaras have the most impact.
At First Blush
I love Youngblood or RMS Lip to Cheek Cream Blush. Don’t forget to tap where the apples of your cheeks touch your hairline, which is where the sun naturally shines. Try Korres Zea Mays Blush if powder is your thing. Hourglass Bronzer Duo does the “sun-kissed” feel, safely.
Right In The Kisser
I use Ilia in Perfect Day for a classic lipstick shade and Femme Fatale for a darker look. I had to let go of my favorite red lipstick – the lead levels were toxic! Kjaer Weis has a pretty lip tint called Passionate and I adore its packaging. Korres Lip Butter is a tinted lip balm I use on the center of my lower lip to draw the light and wake up the whole face. Koh Gen Do natural gloss works wonders every day.
Nailing It
Steer clear of the eau de nail salon at least while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding because there are chemical irritants in the air. Or, find a well-ventilated or “eco-nail” salon — because going for a mani-pedi is the best version of a grown-up “time out”. (I love that free massage — can never get enough.) Priti NYC and Butter London are nail polish brands you can bring home with a clear mind they’re “5 free”, i.e. lacking the 5 known carcinogenic ingredients. I’m into extremes this Spring, so I’m either wearing a cool, dark British Racing Green or a rich Come to Bed Red when I wear black, or a soft, classic nude to go with all those gorgeous pastels.

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