Top Chef Host Gail Simmons' Breast Milk Mishap

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As a trained chef, special projects director of Food & Wine Magazine, a judge on Top Chef (and Top Chef Masters and Top Chef Duels), host of the new show The Feed, overseer of the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, board member of City Harvest and Hot Bread Kitchen, published author (if you haven’t read Talking With My Mouth Full , you should) — Gail Simmons has a lot on her plate.
Add to the roster: mom to five month-old Dahlia Rae. But, don’t tell her that “it’s going to get better” because she already loves every minute of it. “It’s such a special, cozy, crazy, amazing time," Simmons says. "Of course, I am exhausted, but I don’t feel like I am trying to just get through to the next stage.”
The new mom leaves her Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, neighborhood — where they moved a week before she gave birth — for Boston soon to shoot season 12 of Top Chef with Dahlia Rae in tow.
We caught up with her (in between pumping and meetings) about the challenges of nursing and one of her most embarrassing moments (yes, it involves breast milk).
What's In A Name?
"Dahlia is my favorite flower; it symbolizes sunshine and comes in so many amazing colors. It was our wedding flower, and it was on our invitation. Rae is to honor my husband’s Aunt Rena, who passed away two years ago. She was so encouraging and supportive in our lives, and we love and miss her so much."
Lifesaving Products
"We opened the Fisher-Price bouncy chair when she was a month old, and we couldn’t believe we hadn’t opened it sooner. It allowed us to eat dinner and it gave me a chance to pump and go to the bathroom when I was home alone with her. Once she hit three months, she graduated to the Mamaroo, which we call the hovercraft. She’s really into it now."
Part Of The Club
"On Top Chef, I was the only one who didn’t have kids, so they’ve been a wealth of knowledge and help. Michelle Bernstein made me realize it’s okay to be back at work and to lose the guilt associated with it because it’s the quality of the time you spend with your kids, not the quantity."
Deep Thoughts From Gail
"How will she sleep comfortably unswaddled? How can I leave the house without 14 bags? How do I pump when I’m running around all day? These are questions I don’t know the answers to."
"I was taping in front of a live studio audience and forgot to put nipple pads in my bra. They leaked right there. It was horrifying. You think you’re at least keeping it together on the outside. Of course I was wearing a beautiful silk dress. And, in case you didn’t know, yes, milk stains. It was a low point."
Get In My Belly
"After giving birth, you feel like you don’t know anything, including how to keep yourself fed. I have mastered the efficient grocery shop. Fresh Direct is tough for me because I like to physically walk the aisles and see my options. I went to Union Market and created a basic order with them. Sometimes I go and pick everything out and have them deliver it; other times I just call and ask for my basics. I embrace anyone who delivers these days."
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Flower Child
"I love Honest diapers. Dahlia wears dahlias on her bottom — how cute is that?! Angela and Ethan Stowell [a chef] gave me this amazing RoSK blanket that’s waterproof on one side, soft and fluffy on the other and it ties onto the stroller. It’s great for the park because you can put the waterproof side on the ground."
Neighborhood Nosh
"We moved to Cobble Hill a week before I gave birth, so we’ve been getting to know the restaurants with baby in tow. We love Buttermilk Channel, Court Street Grocers, Nightingale 9, Red Gravy, Iris Cafe — they’re all so accommodating and kid-friendly. I spent a month in L.A. shooting and we frequented Cafe Gratitude, Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, and lunch at Fred Segal."
Just Stop, Already
"Everyone keeps saying, 'Oh it’s going to get better,' but we are actually loving the early days. She’s only four and a half months, and we are already reminiscing about things she 'used to do.' It’s such a special, cozy, crazy, amazing time. Of course, I am exhausted, but I don’t feel like I am trying to just get through to the next stage."
Give Yourself A Break
"I think new moms feel out of control, so they obsess about routine and schedules, but the truth is they are babies, and you have to give yourself a break. They are going to be fine if you can’t feed them every three hours to the minute. Babies are adaptable and every child is different; you can’t prescribe one schedule for all. It’s all going to be okay as long as they are fed, dry, and loved."
First Foods
"I hope to make Dahlia Rae’s food myself in the beginning. I can’t wait for her to try avocado, banana, mango, sweet potato, peaches, corn. There would be great irony if I spawned a very picky eater."
Three Hours Alone On A Saturday
"Will that ever happen again? I’m getting a mani, pedi, and a massage anywhere that will take me at a moment’s notice."
Mom Brain
"Now I know why my mom sometimes can’t remember my name. Because she had three children. I barely know my own name some days, and I only have one. Sleep deprivation is rough."

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