5 Career Boosts That Cost Less Than A Cup Of Coffee

By Kit Warchol

It's 7:30 a.m. and you're counting the minutes until the good-looking barista hands over your cortado.

You’re probably checking work email on your phone, tapping out responses to your boss, and cursing autocorrect. Maybe you’re ignoring the fact you’re sick of your job or how badly you need that raise. And when the time comes — despite the fact you’re over your “fun money” budget again — you’ll gladly fork over your $4.75 plus tip because that house-made hazelnut-macadamia milk is unreal.

We get it. It’s your morning ritual. But what if we told you that for the price of your caffeine-laced luxury, you could improve your chances of landing a raise or make a bold move towards a new career?

So sip on, reader, but while you're at it, consider putting a few bucks toward one of these.

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