The Secret To Finding A New Job In 30 Days

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
by Avery Johnson

A job search doesn't have to be long and arduous. By properly preparing and taking the necessary steps, you'll land your dream job by the end of the month.

We spend the majority of our days clocking in and clocking out. We sit in cubicles answering the phone, type away on our laptops at the coffee shop and deliver plates of juicy burgers to happy diners. Some of us may have even recently walked across the stage for a diploma, only to land back in our parents’ house with no place to go.

No matter what you do, if you dread rolling out of bed in the morning and driving to the office — wherever it may be — it is time for a change. Although what many fail to realize is this simple truth: You are never stuck.

Yes, a paycheck is essential to live, but how you get that paycheck is up to you. I’ll be honest, the job hunt is never easy. It is full of discouragement and rejection and the sharp pangs of hearing “no” until one day, often when you least expect it, the offer rolls through.

With so many avenues and options out there, how do we even begin the search? Set aside some time, energy, and focus during this next month to land the job of your dreams. Whether you’re fresh out of college or searching for a new gig, follow these steps to land a new job in just 30 days.

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