The 4 Worst Things You Can Say During A Job Interview

Photographed by Michelle Drewes.
By Lauren McGoodwin

There're a lot of important things you should talk about in a job interview. These aren't them.

"I lied in my last interview about my Excel skills."
This should go without saying: Don't ever lie in an interview — and definitely don’t mention that you lied in your last interview during another interview. It doesn’t matter how casual the interview may seem; this is always a “don’t.”

“I’m interested in this role because I’m looking to transfer out of freelance work and into a full-time gig.”
The interviewer isn’t trying to hire you so he or she can make your life easier and give you a more stable income — the company wants you to solve a problem it has. You always want to communicate the value you can bring to the company, not what it can do for you.

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“I have you on speakerphone because I’m in the car right now.”
This is extremely unprofessional and shows your interviewer that you don’t respect his or her time or attention. Before your phone interview, find a quiet place without distractions and loud noises.

“The commute to your office will take me at least an hour.”
This comment gives the interviewer doubts about whether or not this job will be right for you — and it also highlights your priorities (in this case, one that has nothing to do with the company). The interviewer might really like you, but now he or she will be concerned that the commute will keep you from accepting the job — or that if you do accept, the commute will wear you down, and you’ll leave. Either way, you’ve put doubt into this person's mind, and that’s not great.

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