Meet A Professional Matchmaker Who Helps You Find The One

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The dating world has long been a tumultuous space — filled with uncertainty, indecision, and more than its fair share of sob stories. Weeding through the duds and deadbeats can often feel like a full-time job in and of itself and, as we recently found out, it actually is a full-time job!
Carrie Parker is a professional matchmaker for Tawkify, spending her days planning dream dates and helping her clients to navigate the singles world in order to find “the one.” In her line of work, event planning is life-altering business, and Carrie takes her part in it seriously. Client conversations are a daily ritual, where she talks through anything from the dream guy or gal, lifestyle non-negotiables and more ex-related horror stories than she can count. Read on to get an up close and personal look into how this pro puts two and two together to make the perfect match.
8:55 a.m.: Start coffee.
9 a.m.: Open up emails and texts in order to gauge if anyone had a life-altering date the evening before. Absorb coffee.
10 a.m.: Chat with a client to get the engrossing details on his or her most recent date. Listen intently to their recap of the occasion, making notes for future reference.
11:00 a.m.: Update Facebook and Twitter statuses to something along the lines of "Are you a dynamic 30-something female in D.C. who would rather spend a day at the theater than go camping? Let's talk!" My network always links me up with great eligible people.
11:15 a.m.: Follow up with a chap I met through a stand-up paddleboarding meet-up who I suspect would be an excellent fit for one of my clients. We have a quick phone call where I talk with him about his lifestyle and what he's looking for in a date. More note taking. After some thought, I decide he might be a better fit for one of my co-worker's clients and send her a note about the prospect.
12 p.m.: Make more coffee.
12:15 p.m.: Update from StartX, the acclaimed Stanford Accelerator. Tawkify was selected to participate in the program, which provides invaluable mentorship from world-class CEOs, advisors and venture capitalists.
12:30 p.m.: Send a quick text to a client about her upcoming availability — we need to find time for her date before she leaves for her six-week work trip to London.
1 p.m.: Weekly collaboration meeting with my Tawkify colleagues on the east coast. We discuss updates, problem solve and suggest potential matches that we may have not initially considered.
2:45 p.m.: Meet a new client at her favorite wine bar for our inaugural chat.
4:15 p.m.: Gear up for an evening stacked with client contact. Many of my clients, due to their incredibly tight schedules, only have time in the evening to talk.
5 p.m.: Quality time with clients. We discuss the search, scheduling, their last date, their upcoming date, that ex who won't stop calling them, and all things love and romance-related.
8 p.m.: Tawkify cafe! One of my favorite parts of the week when everyone gets together on a videoconference — west coast, east coast, down south —and we gab about the latest industry news, successes, and strategies. I'm so thankful I work alongside such a diverse, intelligent group.
9 p.m.: Create a fun custom date for a client and his match. Make a brief outline of things to do tomorrow.
10 p.m.: Shut it down, then it's Netflix with the boyfriend.
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