Your Ultimate Maid-Of-Honor Survival Guide

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
By Davia Montaya

There are plenty of amazing resources for brides. But, what about the attendants? They are instrumental in making the big day one that's filled with friendship and love, but they often receive minimal guidance. Maids of honor, you've come to the right place: I'm excited to share my tips with you.

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As one of the most integral bridal confidants, the maid of honor acts as the bride's right-hand woman throughout the planning process. Likewise, she assumes a leadership role within the bridal party and ensures that everyone is on the same page. Last but not least, she has the privilege of honoring the newlyweds with a speech on the day of their wedding. Although such an extensive list of duties may feel overwhelming at first, proper planning, organization, and a loving attitude will help usher MOHs through this process with ease and grace. If you start to feel your heart flutter in the face of these many tasks, just relax — we’re here to help!

First things first: When it comes to bridal-party roles, there are no set "rules." 
Each bride has a different take on which task she would like to assign to whom. The best advice I can give to leading ladies is to ask before assuming anything. For example, the maid of honor traditionally hosts the bridal shower unless she's a relative of the bride, in which case, convention suggests that someone else take the torch for this event. The reason for this little caveat lies in not wanting the bride’s family to come across as greedy in trying to garner more gifts.

In modern times, it is socially acceptable for a relative to host the shower. Ultimately, it depends on which traditions the bride feels are most important to the couple and those involved. If the mother of the bride wants to host the bridal shower, then your role may be to help with securing invitations and RSVPs.

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