21 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas You'll Actually Want To Use

By Kristen Klein

You've spent months, and maybe even years planning your big day, so why not make your guest book just as special as everything else? It can be so much more than a simple collection of your guests' signatures in a blank book.

From prompts, like date night ideas, that'll have your guests putting their most creative foot forward, to customized pieces of art you'll want to show off in your home, these cute and creative ideas certainly won't just sit around collecting dust after the big day. Click ahead for 21 innovative takes on the guest book.

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Get your guests' creative juices flowing by providing a prompt like this one. Each table can have a different topic, giving you endless sources of inspiration.
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Create a "tip jar" to collect advice for a happy and long-lasting marriage. And, if you use pretty jars like this one, it'll add a vintage, DIY feel to your center pieces.
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Photo booths are always a good idea, but why not throw in a chalkboard so guests can be photographed with their best wedded wisdom?
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These fill-in-the-blank cards are guaranteed to make you laugh when you read through all of your guests' responses.
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Like the tip jars, a vintage typewriter not only looks great, but it will serve as a way for guests to type out messages for you to keep forever. Plus, how cute would this typewriter look in your home?
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If you've got friends coming from all over the world, this globe guest book will actually let you see where your friends and family hailed from for your big day.
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Same idea, different surface. Have your guests fill out an atlas and keep it on your coffee table for them to browse when they visit.

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Hosting a destination wedding? Gather postcards from the local gift shop and ask your guests to write their well wishes on the back. They'll serve as wonderful keepsakes of your trip together.
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Again, you can't really go wrong with a photo booth. They give your guests a small token to remember the day forever, but they can also be used to build a collective guest book.

Of course, to do this, have your operator print two copies of each photo strip, and ask your guests to paste one of the strips into a book for you to keep.
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But if you want to opt for the DIY approach, ditch the clunky photo booth and place a Polaroid camera and film at each table. Ask your guests to place their photos in a guest book with a heartfelt note.
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Take your photo booth idea to the next level by creating a video booth instead. These small, easy-to-use cameras can be taken on the dance floor, film snippets of speeches, and, of course, record countless messages for the newlyweds.
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A large, signed monogram like this can be displayed in your home after the big day, adding a piece of decor with sentimental value.
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Represent you and your partner's home state! You'll love pulling this wooden block out while entertaining in the years to come.
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Is there anyone more inspiring than Dr. Seuss? Turn one of your favorite childhood books into a special keepsake by having your guests sign the inside pages.

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For lovers of words, transform a dictionary into a guest book by asking your friends and family to choose a word that makes them think of you, and leave a message using it. You'll love the surprising words you'll find throughout.
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Using some string and some wooden clothespins, display some of your favorite photos of your friends and family, and let each guest choose one to write a message on.
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Have each of your guests write a hidden message behind a heart, and feel the love as you flip each one over.
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Everybody loves a message in a bottle. Repurpose your empty wine bottles into a unique guest book.

Label each bottle with different year anniversaries, and have guests choose when they'd like for you to read their messages by slipping it into that specific bottle.

Seal them off, and patiently wait until that specific anniversary to pop each bottle open.
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You and your partner will have so much fun putting together this puzzle filled with your guest's messages. And, you can even glue it together and display it in your home.
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Make your usual game night more fun with these personalized Jenga blocks signed by your loved ones.
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Find your favorite records (maybe even one that has your processional, recessional, and first dance songs on it), mount them in frames, and have your guests sign the vinyl with metallic sharpies.

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