The Acne-Clearing Brand Thousands Of Reviewers Swear By

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We're living in a golden age of clean skin care. Honestly, there are almost too many brands vying for our attention via enticing Instagram ads, elevated packaging, and formulas that promise life-changing results. With so many tempting options, it can be hard to figure out what's worthwhile and what's a flash in the natural beauty pan. One startup that's actually setting itself apart (and popping up on shelves at stores like Madewell and Ulta Beauty) is Blume. Founded by sisters Taran and Bunny Ghatrora, Blume is out here demystifying everything from acne to period care. Its unique range of product offerings isn't the only thing that sets it apart. Campaign imagery and brand messaging encourage young folx to come as they are. In lieu of outdated maxims holding perfect, poreless skin as the unattainable ideal, Blume encourages a gentle approach to addressing breakouts with a focus on skin health.

To that end, Blume's skin-care products are a tightly-edited bunch that spans an acne-friendly face oil to leave your skin gleaming to an aluminum-free deodorant with Gigi Hadid's stamp of approval. The rest of the lineup suggests a 360° approach to wellness; organic tampons and pads offering affordable access to high-quality menstrual care products and conversation cards plus a gratitude notepad encouraging daily mindfulness. To stay true to its mission, the Toronto-based startup also donates a portion of proceeds from each sale goes to Days For Girls, an organization that provides access to menstrual care and education in over 144 countries worldwide.

Below, scope out the best products to try from the brand — according to the rave reviewers who swear by them.

This mask goes on so smoothly and isn’t uncomfortable at all. My complexion and dark spots have drastically improved after just 3 uses.

Blume Reviewer
Best For: Sensitive skin or dark spots

What It Is: A 10-minute clay face mask that purges excess oil and dirt from your skin for a brighter, clearer complexion.

Magic Ingredients: Licorice extract for added radiance; vitamin E for maintaining moisture; aloe vera juice for calming; niacinamide for brightening; montmorillonite clay for dirt removal and pore-minimizing; bentonite clay for stimulating circulation; kaolin clay for absorbing oil; glycerin for combatting over-drying or stripping skin.

What Reviewers Say: "I’ve tried other face masks before and they’ve always dried out my skin and dried up uncomfortably on my face. This mask goes on so smoothly and isn’t uncomfortable at all. My complexion and dark spots have drastically improved after just 3 uses and a week of having the mask. Def recommend." – Blume Reviewer

Meltdown Oil quickly gets rid of zits, big and small (even my big deep hormonal ones) within a day or two. It also reduces the redness I have for weeks after a breakout.

Blume Reviewer
Best For: Acne-prone skin

What It Is: An acne-clearing oil that can be used as a spot treatment or mixed into a daily moisturizer to help fight imperfections, reduce scarring, and prevent future breakouts.

Ingredients: Rosehip for brightening dark spots and scars; blue tansy for calming broken-out complexions; tamanu for combatting acne and bacteria; black cumin seed for reducing redness and improving texture.

What Reviewers Say: "After 15+ years of acne and sensitive skin, this product is the best thing I have ever tried on my face! It feels like I have used every chemical-based and all-natural remedy for acne I could find and they have all fallen short. But this Meltdown Oil quickly gets rid of zits, big and small, even my big deep hormonal ones, within a day or two. It also reduces the redness I have for weeks after a breakout. It is ideal especially during the cold dry seasons!" – Blume Reviewer

Just because it doesn’t foam, doesn’t mean it’s not cleansing. This stuff is gentle but effective, and your face deserves kindness.

Blume Reviewer
Best For: Super-sensitive skin

What It Is: A lightweight cream cleanser that gently washes away impurities for clean, calm, and hydrated skin.

Ingredients: Chamomile for reducing redness; lavender for clearing acne and bacteria; grapeseed oil for antioxidant-rich Omega-3s and 6s; grapefruit extract for balancing skin tone and combatting free radicals.

What Reviewers Say: "I’ve had persistent acne since I was a teenager, but it got worse around the time I turned 23. I also have extremely sensitive skin. I’ve tried changing my diet, taking a ton of omega-3 pills, doing a hormone test, and using a range of supposedly acne-fighting products. Nothing worked. The products I used made things exponentially worse by turning my face into a sad, cracked desert. I tried switching to a cream cleanser that foamed, and even that was too much. I started using Daydreamer, paired with the Whirl Moisturizer (mixed with a drop of tea tree oil), and for good measure, switching out my pillowcase every two days. Three months later, my acne is SO much better. I’m mostly waiting for my dark spots from the previous acne to fade. Just because it doesn’t foam, doesn’t mean it’s not cleansing. This stuff is gentle but effective, and your face deserves kindness. I only wish they made this in a bigger bottle option!" – Blume Reviewer

I have tried so many natural deodorants and this one takes the win. I don’t have to worry about re-applying and I am a sweater.

Blume Reviewer
Best For: All skin

What It Is: An unscented, aluminum-free probiotic deodorant that combats sweat and B.O. while nourishing the skin.

Magic Ingredients: Probiotics for combatting odor and bad bacteria; baking soda for minimizing moisture; coconut oil for moisturizing the skin.

What Reviewers Say: "I have tried numerous non-toxic deodorants. I would be smelly just sitting at work, no exercise. I tried Blume and, on day one, went to the gym and rode horseback outside. I was not stinky even after all of that! Moving from toxic to non-toxic, I didn’t realize that the toxic was an antiperspirant and that non-toxics aren’t antiperspirants. So an increase in sweat has been something I’ve adjusted to. But, I don’t stink!! And I love non-toxic ingredients — as a daughter of a breast cancer survivor — I try to do my best to prevent. This is the only non-toxic deodorant I can say confidently that I recommend. I also did not have to do any detoxing when switching from toxic to non-toxic with this brand." – Blume Reviewer

I've been using this for two months now, and am very impressed. My acne has completely cleared, and my normally oily skin doesn't get greasy all day.

Best For: Sensitive or acne-prone skin

What It Is: An all-natural hyaluronic acid face moisturizer that hydrates sensitive skin without clogging pores.

Magic Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid for clearing acne; aloe juice for hydrating and plumping skin; licorice root extract for smoothing complexions.

What Reviewers Say: "This moisturizer is absolutely amazing! Just a few dabs of this goes all over and it lasts a long time. My breakouts have reduced significantly since I started using it and my skin is super smooth and even." – Blume Reviewer
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