30 Cozy Workout Leggings For When You Have To Be Outdoors

It's hard to convince yourself to go outdoors when the weather is viciously cold. Even with layers of warm sweaters and long johns, it just not worth feeling like an icicle afterward. And if physical activity is somehow involved in your outdoor journey? Forget it.
Not to sound like an exercise-pusher, but if the cold weather is bumming you out, it might be worthwhile to venture outdoors and try to attempt some light exercise. According to a 2005 study, outdoor exercise can be helpful in treating seasonal affective disorder. And other research has found that spending time in nature can boost your mood. But if you're going to brave the cold, you need the right workout clothes — specifically, a pair of warm leggings.
The ideal cold weather leggings are cozy enough to keep your thighs toasty, but wicking enough to handle sweat. They should be thin so you can move, but protective in case it starts snowing or something. Whether you reluctantly signed up for a winter 5K, want to take a walk outside, or just need something for going to and from the gym, these are the best winter leggings that will make the weather outside a little less frightful.

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