Confessions of a Beauty Product Addict: Lara Ramos Shares Her Lust List

Oh, you thought you were obsessed? Meet your match: Lara Ramos, the beauty enthusiast behind The Glossarie, who's turned her product passion into a full on 24/7 obsession. Her frank, untiring love for beauty drives her to test 30 new products a week with her arms, face, lips, and eyes open for testing business. While Ramos isn't a hoarder by any means (she regularly donates bags of beauty gems to charity), she has a surplus of favorites.
The usual spots in her adorable apartment are littered with pretty pots of pink gloss and shimmery shadows, but this is next-level beauty storage — you're sure to find tubes of lipstick nestled in between her books, pillows, and, yes, inside her saucepans.
When meeting someone who's as gaga for beauty products as we are, we naturally have to befriend them — and find out their to-die-for products. From her favorite lipstick shade to a miracle overnight skin elixir, we've got the scoop on the best beauty products you should stock up on. Trust us, you're going to want to see this.
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