BB Cream: My Beauty Salve When I'm On The Go

When it comes to my face makeup, I like to keep it light. I always mix my liquid foundation with moisturizer to thin it down because I don’t want something heavy on my face all day. Then, last year, all my fellow beauty-obsessed friends were talking about some new miracle skin saver: BB cream. So, of course I had to try it — and I became obsessed.
I like how BB creams help even out my skin tone and quiet down the redness but still leave a fresh, dewy finish. And, because they have SPF, they cut down on my morning routine time, which means I get to stop by my favorite coffee shop for a latte. (Priorities, people!) Every second spared is gold, which is why I’m always on the hunt for the latest, greatest BB breakthrough.
I recently tried Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream™ Skin Perfector and I have to say, I love my boyfriend, but I fell hard for this stuff. Once you find one you love, it will be in constant rotation for the days when you want to go light but keep the coverage. When I'm in a rush, this BB cream is particularly phenom because I can skip my primer, foundation, and sunscreen with this one product that does it all. But the best thing about it, I have to say, is the fact that I can spread this on with my fingers — no stipple brush required. So, if you need some extra time in the morning to pick up a latte, or hit the snooze button just one more time, this BB cream may be your new best friend.
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Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream™ Skin Perfector, $10.99, available at

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