Get To The Point With Spring's New Nail Shape

Lately, it seems like nail-shape trends tend to change as drastically as the cut of our favorite pair of jeans (are we doing skinny or wide-legged today?), and it's no secret that the super-pointy and aptly-named "stiletto nails" are having a major moment right now. After spotting pointy nails on several crooning starlets and at dozens of runways shows, I decided to try and decode my very own handy tutorial just for you.
Step 1: Leave your chipped polish ON if you already have an existing manicure. Having color on your nails when you learn this technique provides a contrast that helps you see the shape of the nail as you file. You can also add a tiny dot with permanent marker to the very center of the tip as an additional guide.
Photo: Courtesy of Gerard Brown.
Step 2: Use a coarse file to start. Begin smoothing off the corners of the nail, making sure to alternate back and forth from either side. An extra tip is to imagine a line that connects the center dot to each corner of your nailbed, creating a triangular almond shape.
Photo: Courtesy of Gerard Brown.
Step 3: Follow up with a finer-grain nail file to avoid snags (especially if those suckers are sharp).
Photo: Courtesy of Gerard Brown
Step 4: Finish with a new mani in one of spring’s hottest nail colors. My favorite spring shade of all time (I'm on my fourth bottle!) is Revlon Nail Enamel in Plum Seduction.
This look is much easier to achieve if your nails are on the longer side to begin with, but I started shaping mine when they were fairly short and kept up the filing as they grew. Doing it this way means you'll end up starting with more of an oval shape, but it also allowed me to ease my way into the trend.
To get your nails to grow faster, you can take Biotin pills, which will not only strengthen your nails but also help your hair grow faster and thicker — bonus! Or, if your current nails are simply too short, try a press-on set like these that allow you to try out the trend without the wait.
What do you think about the stiletto nail trend? Will you be trying it for yourself any time soon?

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Revlon Nail Enamel, $3.99, available at Target.
Photo: Courtesy of Gerard Brown.

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