Sleep Your Way To Better Skin — Here's How

I recently read a story about high-profile women’s morning beauty routines, and I was surprised to learn that one vlogger spends a whopping 40 minutes getting ready. Hairstyling took up the majority of her time, but whoa.
I don't know about you, but I like to get my primping done as fast as possible in the a.m. so that I can skedaddle to wherever I’m going (I’m often running late). But, nighttime is a different story. That’s when I pile on my good moisturizing creams, serums, hair oils, and heck, sometimes I even slap on a face mask. It’s the perfect time to pamper myself a little because I’m not watching the clock. And, the products get several hours to sink in and do their thing while my body is recharging.
I also think my after-dark beauty habits lead to a big payoff when I wake up: My skin looks radiant and my hair feels much softer. So, overnight products have become one of my favorite categories to “research.” My latest unofficial studies have found that the six products ahead work wonders while you snooze. Why not give them a whirl? Photo: Courtesy of Wildfox.

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