11 Mascaras That Really Deliver — And Aren’t Afraid To Brag About It!

Confession: I am a big-time mascara hoarder. So much so, that I usually have at least three in rotation at a time. One side effect of my borderline-unhealthy obsession is that I pay close attention to every new mascara launch, whether it’s a $3.99 cheapie or one of those fancy schmancy department store splurges — I gotta try them all!
As I’ve been testing the latest wands, I’ve noticed something funny: Classic mascara names like Maybelline Great Lash, L’Oréal Voluminous, and CoverGirl Lash Exact are very subtle. It’s almost as if the tube doesn’t want to brag too much. Compare that to the newer formulas, and it’s a completely different story. Now the labels are, um, let’s just call them confident.
I don’t blame cosmetics companies for adding a bit more swagger to the product names. The market has gotten fiercely competitive since Maybelline debuted its iconic pink and green tube over 40 years ago. To grab the average customer’s attention these days, a product really has to stand out, and that might require a little shameless horn-tooting. I mean, you have to admit, a mascara called Telescopic Shocking Extensions is pretty darn enticing.
Check out 11 of my favorite boastful mascaras that will make your lashes look that good. Have you tried any of them?

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