A Case For Bangs: Why You Should Get 'Em

Recently, I gave myself a hair intervention. I was so fed up with my style, or lack thereof, that I started wearing a ponytail five days a week. That’s a bit much — even for a lazy hair person like me. It was time to do something, but I wasn’t sure exactly what. Until I realized, duh, bangs!
Fringe never really goes out of style, but over the past year, more and more celebs have been sporting the look — and nailing it. Beyoncé gave it a whirl along with Kerry Washington, but it was Michelle Obama’s headline-making haircut that really nudged me to get my own.
Christina B at Rita Hazan salon gave me straight, wispy bangs that require almost no styling. I just wrap my hair with a scarf at night, and all I have to do in the morning is brush it into place. And if my bangs look a little flat, I spritz on some dry shampoo and do a quick pass with a mini flat iron. So, yes, I'm a lil' late to the bang party, but I'm finally here. Care to join?
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Photo: Courtesy of Ibra Ake

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