How To Achieve The Long, Lush Lashes Of Your Dreams

Last week on Beauty Nation, Aja gave tips on how to keep your lashes curled, so to make sure we're giving you the full 360 coverage on getting the lashes of your dreams, this week I'm sharing how to get them looking long and full.
Taylor from L.A. asks, "What are the best ways to achieve the longest, thickest lashes possible? I am not talking Kim K's spidery ones, but ones that'll have people wondering if they're real."
Taylor, you are in luck, because I am the proud owner of a damn good set of lashes. Before you roll your eyes at my semi-vain remark, I must admit that I can’t take full credit. I don't have these lashes due to good genes or a small fortune, but a handful of products that seriously work. I tried 'em all (so that you don't have to), and am about to serve you this beauty knowledge on a silver platter.
Click through for the top six products that'll give you the lashes of your dreams. Go on, bat those eyes.

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