Are These Luminizing Products The Secret To Faking Flawless Skin?

Skin that looks too perfectly airbrushed with layer after layer of makeup looks dull and dimensionless. And now that the humid summer NYC is known for is revving up, an overly done-up face is only going to look cakey. Plus, it just so happens that freckles are actually in these days, because they make you appear younger — people are even drawing them in.
Luckily, I've never been a powdered, matte-face kind of girl. I'm obsessed with dewy, radiant skin, which is why I have practically tried every highlighting, luminizing, dewy product that promises to give me that "lit from within" glow.
Of course, there are other factors that account for a glowy complexion, like eating right, drinking plenty of water, and always remembering to wash your face before bed. That being said, the products that you put on your skin can make all the difference in the world, trust me.
To attain a youthful-looking glow, it's time to swap out your heavy foundations and pressed powders for BB creams, illuminators, liquid bronzers, cream blushes, and highlighters — and they're all right here in my roundup of the best products that'll give you that “Oh, I just popped out of the shower and whoops, I’m looking naturally fabulous” skin.

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