Metallic Lips? Yes, You Can Pull 'Em Off

When you think of metallic lips, do you automatically envision scantily clad fairies and ambiguous bear-costumed women at EDC? I do, too.
But, the metallic lips I'm talking about aren't the glitter-crazed makeup of the costumed lot. I'm talking about the latest beauty creation by makeup queen Pat McGrath for Dior’s fall couture show, where she gave models dazzling metallic lips in shades of bronze, dark rose, and lilac topped with glitter.
As your intrepid beauty reporter, I decided to take on the arduous task of trying it out for myself. And while it does take some time to pull off, the end result is totally worth it. McGrath's lip is flashy but in a subdued way that makes it wearable for a special night out. I boiled it down to five steps for you to have the standout lip of the season.

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