Wait, You Have Zits AND Wrinkles — How To Deal

When I was in my 20s, I dreaded turning the big 3-0. I was somehow under the impression that everything that was acceptable in my 20s (like partying until the wee hours of the morning and then dragging myself into work) would be frowned upon once climbing into the next decade. However, now that 35 is around the corner, it's safe to say that life is better than ever and I've fully embraced this adulthood thing.
But a new problem crept up: wrinkles. And did I mention that my face is still greasy and has a tendency to break out like an adolescent? Ugh.
Over the years, I've been trying to solve the zit-wrinkle conundrum through trial and error. Traditional, fancy-schmancy anti-aging creams were too rich and caused breakouts, while over-the-counter anti-acne potions didn't address my newfound, mature lady problems. Through the years, I've meticulously scoured through department counters, trying every acne + wrinkle zapper I could find — and I succeeded. Click through for the all-star products that'll keep your crow's feet, hyperpigmentation, and pimples at bay, because seriously — who wants senior citizen acne?
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