This Serum Is The Skin Saver You've Been Looking For

It’s no secret that I love results-driven, fluff-free skin care. I don’t care for fancy press previews launching the latest, ineffective $1,000 serum made from the embryo of some endangered animal that’s only found halfway across the world. Clearly, I’m a cynic. But every once in awhile, a gimmick-free brand exceeds my expectations and a love affair begins.
ASAP Skin Products is an Australian brand that just hit the states in August and their specialty is difficult skin. Zits, wrinkles, sun damage — you name it and ASAP can fix it with any one of their all-star serums. And because I love serums and I’ll take vitamin C however I can get it, the standout product is the Super C Serum.
After baking myself to a crisp on a 10-day family trip to Costa Rica and returning with skin covered in a combination of zits and heat bumps, ASAP was my savior. Without switching my cleanser or moisturizer, I started using the Super C serum twice a day and I noticed results after three applications. My heat rash disappeared, the vacation zits were a distant memory, and my newly tanned skin was no longer peeling and leathery. The high concentration of L-Ascorbic acid — 20% to be exact — was exactly what the doctor ordered. And, while the minor skin concerns I had vanished almost immediately, with regular use for a month, my skin was breakout-free and more radiant. So much so that on two separate occasions, someone thought my very-well-preserved parents were my grandparents. Point for Team Aja! I’m adding ASAP to my list of all-time favorites alongside Obagi, iS Clinical, and SkinCeuticals.
ASAP Super C Serum, $89, available at
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