Spa Confidential: Aestheticians Reveal Their Craziest Client Moments

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Have you ever felt the need to ‘tidy up’ before going in for a bikini wax? Or maybe you were mortified when you went for a pedicure and completely forgot to shave your legs? Don’t sweat it. Spa workers have seen worse. Much, much worse.
Your fuzzy legs and overgrown bikini area pale in comparison to what aestheticians see on the regular. Here are three tales that will make you laugh, cringe, and want to give your aesthetician a hug on your next visit.
The Drunken-Sailor Client
“A client called to see if we had any openings for an earlier time because she ended work early. When we couldn't accommodate the change, she sounded chipper, saying, 'No worries, I'll be there at my scheduled time.’ At 7:45 p.m. she banged on the door. My receptionist and I looked at each other confusedly, since our door is never locked during business hours. When we opened the door, the client stumbled in, drunk. She seemed to have been at happy hour, but she made it — and she made it on time at that!
"After her treatment was done, I tried waking her up, but she had passed out. Finally, as I started closing up, she woke up from her 2 1/2 hour nap (the facial is only an hour). She looked around as though she had never been here before and stared at me in total confusion. I told her she had just finished a facial with me and we both started laughing. She left giving me a $100 tip because she felt so bad and embarrassed. I reassured her that everything was fine and her skin looked great! She was happy about that, but from now on she only wants to schedule morning appointments with me.”
The Flasher Client
“A new client came in for a facial, so I explained to her to change into a robe and lie down on the table. Once I returned, my eyes bulged out of my head. The client was on the bed completely naked, lying on her back with her legs in the butterfly position. I was shocked. You don't normally expect to see a naked body for a facial. So, I covered her up with a blanket. She turned out to be a great client of mine and has since learned to wear the robe in the usual way.”
The Happy-Ending Client
“We had a new client and I was performing a facial using the B.E.A.M. treatment, which is a muscle-stimulating machine that emits electric pulses. It's for toning and removing body fat in areas like the arms, stomach, and thighs. Twenty minutes into the treatment, I noticed the client was sleeping. I continued to massage her face when she started moaning as if she were having sex. I continued the treatment when she opened her eyes and asked me if I could stick the electrode on her lady parts. I was preparing to move the pads to her breasts when she stopped me. She looked at me and pointed down south. I tried to explain to her that the machine wouldn't work on that area, but she closed her eyes and continued to moan. I kept up with a straight face. It was definitely an awkward experience!”
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