This New Honey Line Smells So Good You'll Ditch Your Perfume

Perlier has been dishing out scrumptious-smelling body products out of Italy for over 80 years and come September, the well-priced brand will introduce its first “luxe” collection that uses royal jelly in its entire bath and body line. The Imperial Honey collection uses honey from the nearly extinct Black Bee that's found in Corsica and Sicily.
While the use of royal jelly for beauty purposes isn’t a new concept — it’s packed with vitamins and amino acids —the Black Bee produces honey that has 300 to 1,000% more antioxidant properties than other molasses.
But enough of the boring company jargon. The number one reason why you should get this: It smells like heaven. The hand and body creams are thick and very moisturizing, but the scent is out of this world. It’s sweet, but not saccharine, soft, yet strong enough that an additional fragrance isn’t needed.
I’ve received countless “You have to tell me what you’re wearing!” comments from friends and strangers alike. I love fragrances for their ability to spark emotions and memories, and this line transports me straight to Italy where my best friend of 25 years, who I miss dearly, currently lives.
Perlier Imperial Honey Collection, $20-$40 each, available September 15 at HSN.
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