5 Products Your Dude Will Actually Use

Football season, the season some wives and girlfriends dread, is also when others, like me, rejoice. Starting this month, my Sundays are spent watching 10 hours of pure, unadulterated football. Fortunately, I can share it with my boyfriend. But, some men prefer to disappear into their man caves or local sports bar not to be seen again until February — and they look reappear post-hibernation looking totally disheveled.
This kind of guy’s guy may not spend hours trolling websites for the perfect body moisturizer or read dude rags on how to achieve the perfect shave. In fact, he probably uses the same bar soap to wash his body and face. Luckily, Sam Buffa, founder of Fellow Barber, is here to help ladies spiff up their men after the NFL season. Here are his top five favorite products for guys who totally hate products.

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