8 Miracle Products That'll Banish Cracked, Dry Feet For Good

Flip-flops and thong sandals are the epitomes of summertime footwear, but they cause cracked heels, calloused soles, and blistered toes. Even if you’re an avid year-round foot buffer like myself, reptile-esqe feet happen to everyone after a day of stomping around Concrete Jungle.
Since I spend each and every single day hoofing around the city, I decided to conduct some unscientific research of my own to help find a cure for this crusty epidemic. I tried two dozen foot creams, balms, and mousses and picked the top eight that survived a day of flip-flopping without causing any irritation. See which all-stars will keep your feet soft and smooth for those open-toed steppers, ahead.
Photographed by Guang Xu.

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