Forgot Your La Mer? 5 Drugstore Buys That'll Tide You Over

Whether I’m traveling for a quick overnight trip, weekend getaway, or a 10-day vacation, there’s a 100% chance I forgot an item from my beauty arsenal. Sometimes it’s moisturizer, other times makeup, or possibly my face cleanser of the moment. Initially, the thought of parting with one of my beloved, highfalutin products sent me into a tailspin, but it happens so often, it no longer fazes me. My chronic absentmindedness has led me to scout practically every major drugstore chain around the country to cop bargain replacements for my specialty store goods.
Of course, a large number of women only buy their beauty products at drugstores (duh!), but if you don’t and forgot your $35 eye-makeup remover, $52 mascara, $45 cleanser, or other fancy-pants products, and need a bit of guidance, don’t wander aimlessly around CVS. Make a beeline towards one of these stellar performers to hold you over until you get home. And, warning: You may ditch your expensive lotions and potions altogether.

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