Zit Be Gone! How To Get Rid Of Freak Breakouts

At a recent press event a fellow beauty editor was complaining about her freak zit attack and, of course, we all put our beauty minds together and tried to figure out the potential cause. Hormonal imbalance? Undiagnosed allergy? Stress? Between my normally acne-prone skin and nonstop product-testing, I’m used to flare-ups. But for those lucky individuals with pristine skin, a once-in-a-blue-moon zit can be downright traumatizing.
So, I asked skin care wizard and insider favorite Ildi Pekar on what causes spontaneous breakouts and she shared the advice she gives to her high profile clients (I promised not to namedrop).
If you're sick of waking up to a zit, get the skinny on how to stop it in its zitty tracks, straight ahead!
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Pekar says the most common acne breakout is hormonal. "Anything can cause an imbalance such as food, time of the month, pregnancy, menopause, or the fact that a woman’s body changes every seven years.
"When you're dealing with hormonal breakouts, you'll probably see it on your chin and cheeks. I recommend evening primrose oil capsules. Primrose oil contains Omega6, an essential fatty acid that helps regulate hormones. Some medical conditions may interfere with taking primrose oil, so always consult with your physician first."
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If you get little whiteheads around your lips, it may be due to an unlikely culprit: your toothpaste. Pekar says, "Try switching your toothpaste to one that does not have fluoride. Same goes for your lip moisturizer — switch to one that is coconut-based instead of petroleum-based."
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"If you find that you're breaking out on your cheeks, there's a host of causes but it could be a lack of sanitation and hygiene," says Pekar. The solution: "Sanitize your cell phone as often as you can, and try not to touch your face throughout the day.
"And, if you are breaking out on the side you sleep on, make sure you wash your linens and pillow covers as frequently as possible. Also double check to make sure you're not allergic to any chemicals in your laundry detergent."
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And finally, Pekar says that breakouts on your forehead are most likely caused by your hair products. Her advice is to check your shampoo and conditioner or any other hair products that may be irritating your skin.
And, if you tend to get tiny red pimples on your chest and back, "they may be heat rashes caused by hot weather or exercise. Drink plenty of water or aloe vera juice."
"Stress can also cause you to break out everywhere, so you can try taking B-Complex vitamins to take the edge off.”
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