Get The Pros' Fave Beauty Looks — Here's How

When award season or Fashion Week rolls around, Twitter and Facebook are abuzz with their favorite — and least favorite — red carpet looks. Some celebrity looks are fierce and get a unanimous ‘Z’ snap, while others quickly get relegated to the "Worst Dressed" list.
But, what about the glam squads behind the looks? Which looks did they love to create? Between ad campaigns, editorial spreads, runway work, and the red carpet, top-notch makeup artists and hairstylists have created hundreds of looks over the years. Sometimes asking an artist to pick their favorite look is like asking a mother to pick her favorite child, but I went there anyway and asked the industry’s heavy hitters to play favorites and choose their greatest look of all time. Flip through to see which looks Harry Josh, Bobbi Brown, Jin Soon Choi, and others chose as their greatest looks of all time.

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