Travel The World With The Formula's Stunning Snapshots

As beauty enthusiasts, we pride ourselves in discovering the most cutting-edge beauty products before the rest of the fanatical in-the-know herd, but one blogger always keeps us on our toes. Aimee Blaut, the photog-slash-blogger of The Formula, travels the world with her Canon — and the newest global beauty must-haves she finds.
Jetting to runway shows in Paris and Milan, while splitting her "at-home" time between Stockholm and New York City, this gorgeous minimalist snaps inspirational runway looks, unearths the rarest product finds, and interviews the top echelon of the beauty industry. From chatting with Mathilde Thomas, co-founder of Caudalie to Victoria's Secret Angel Lindsay Ellingson, Blaut is chockfull of kickass beauty secrets that we had to know.
We caught the jet-setter in between flights and asked her a million questions — or just the important ones. Read on to get the traveling beauty routine she's perfected among other tips that make this blogger très fab. It's like mining for gold.
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