The Profesh Way To Cut Your Bangs At Home

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My small forehead and cowlick make me the worst candidate for bangs. I know because I went there. When the Zooey Deschanels of the world were all over the glossies, I marched over to Bumble & bumble for my own set of straight-across fringe.
But, no matter how much I tried to blow them out or use product, my front-facing cowlick always got the best of me. A normal person in this predicament would pin her fringe back and wait it out because hair grows. But I was determined to conquer them. So I pulled the rookie mistake of trimming them myself with a pair of regular scissors — which only made matters worse, obviously.
My tools and technique led to some pretty disastrous results. Needless to say, I spent the next month with my bangs pinned back. Now that I am older and wiser, and have a career in beauty, I know exactly where I went wrong. So if your fringe is on the longer side and you're jonesing for a home trim, follow the expert tips I picked up since my first disastrous DIY, ahead.
WEb2Photo: Courtesy of Aimee Blaut.
Step 1: Invest in a pair of haircutting shears. Your eyebrow scissors just won't do.
Step 2: Start with clean, dry hair. If you trim your bangs when your hair is wet, you put yourself at risk for cutting your bangs too short since your hair is longer when it’s wet.
Step 3: Tie back all your hair except for your bangs to prevent any accidental snipping.
Step 4: Hold your shears at an angle with the ends pointing upwards.
Step 5: Start from the center of your bangs and cut outwards. You want to trim your bangs in increments. Resist the urge to chop them straight across. Once you've done the right side, go back to the middle and work towards your left.
Step 6: Make sure that you trim just a little bit at a time so that your fringe gradually goes to the desired length.
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