Beauty's Heavy Hitters Share How To Combat 3 Major Fears

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From learning how to wear bold lips to tackling those days when you just want to pull the sheets over your head, I turned to three of the industry's biggest power players: Poppy King, founder of Lipstick Queen; Tom Pecheux, creative director of Estée Lauder; and Eugene Souleiman, global creative director of Wella. They share their wealth of beauty know-how on combatting three common fears. Read on for the industry's best secrets, ahead.
For everyday Chapstick wearers, what tips do you have for those who want to wear bold lipstick?
King says if you normally focus your makeup on your eyes, then try applying your lipstick first. "Your natural tendency is to start [your makeup] with your eyes, but if you’re not used to wearing a lip color, try to do your eyes last. Then, you'll naturally not put on as much eye makeup, which makes a huge difference," she says.
Not only do you have to dial down your eye makeup, you have to get comfortable wearing lipstick in the first place. King suggests wearing it around the house first. "A lot of women buy lipstick with the intentions [of wearing them], but they haven't gotten used to it themselves and then they end up wiping it off. The more you get used to it and bond, the less you will feel like you have a flashlight on your head."

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Web02Photo: Courtesy of Aimee Blaut.
How can you use makeup to make you feel prettier on a bad day?
“Stay in bed, switch off the lights, and bring down the shades [laughs]. Of course, we all have bad days. My philosophy is not to try to be somebody else, but be the best in the moment you are in," says makeup artist extraordinaire Pecheux. He says there are some quick makeup tricks to make you feel better.
"Take some time to curl your lashes, add a bit of mascara and concealer — these little touches can go a long way to wake up your face. Also, treat yourself to something you love the most. Just don’t put on a pound of makeup and try to cover up your whole face — feel okay with yourself and the confidence will make a difference," he says.
Web03Photo: Courtesy of Aimee Blaut.
How to perfect the model-off-duty hairstyle for lazy girls?
Souleiman understands the difference between runway beauty and beauty in real life. “In the real world, cool girls don’t brush their hair five times a day. They aren’t worried about every single hair being perfectly in place — that’s not reality," he says. "At Vanessa Bruno (SS14), I did a relaxed cool hairstyle that is very model-off-duty that everyone can do at home. The idea is not to look styled but to look stylish. If you spray the surface of your hair with a salt spray (like Wella Ocean Spritz), it will bring out the imperfections that are actually very beautiful. Then, collect all your hair, twist it loosely, and blow dry it for a few seconds before tying it in a very loose ponytail. The idea is to have pieces fall out so it looks done and undone in a really cool-girl way.”
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