1 BB Cream, 5 Stylish Ways!

When it comes to fashion and beauty, we don't do difficult — and that goes double for summertime. When it's 80 degrees in the shade and there are rooftop parties (and road trips, and park picnics...) calling our name, the last place we want to be is inside, obsessing over outfits and applying a face full of makeup.
Our strategy for getting out the door and into the fun? A pared-down routine, anchored by one genius beauty multitasker, Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream, and a few no-fuss, no-fail stylish outfits to take you from brunch to boardwalk, and everywhere in between.
Read on for five effortless ways to stay chic in the heat, and make perfect skin a snap — and then head outside already!

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