How To Walk Off The Plane Looking Like A Babe

I split my time between Stockholm and NYC so I'm in the air a lot, and nothing is worse than arriving at my destination bloated and riddled with dry skin — all courtesy of spending a few hours in the sky. So, after countless of flights, I finally developed an airplane beauty ritual that will help you walk off the plane looking as fresh as a spring flower.
Tip 1: Drink a lot of water before flying. This will not only keep you hydrated but fill you up, decreasing your craving for salt-and-fat-ridden airplane food. It’s actually harder to digest food while in the sky because the low air pressure causes your intestines to swell, which makes breaking down your lunch more difficult. If dining onboard is unavoidable, pack dried fruit and LUNA bars so that you can have something healthy on hand as well.
Tip 2: Go makeup-free. I like to give my pores a day off when I’m traveling. Wearing makeup on a long flight pretty much guarantees that you will be sleeping in it. But for the off chance that I’m seated next to Ryan Gosling I always keep a lipstick close by.
Tip 3: Moisturize. Since the recycled air-conditioning in the cabin is harsh and dries out skin, I like to use a hearty night serum, like Transderma A Serum. Then I layer my moisturizer over it. Zelens Intensive Repair Balm is my favorite when I’m in the sky. The Zelens cream was created by an Italian dermatologist, Dr. Marko Lens, who noticed that his skin was showing signs of stress and fatigue from all of his traveling. On long flights, I try to reapply a thin layer of this every two hours.
Tip 4: Use good eye drops. Your eyes and lips need some loving too. Try to avoid Visine and other brands that promise to reduce redness, because what you’re looking for is hydration. Refresh makes a wonderful eye lubricant that comes in a bottle and single-use applicators. Dryness leads to swelling and redness that result in bags and bloodshot eyes.
Tip 5: Try to sleep. Nothing will make you look more refreshed than a little rest.
Tip 6: Use a post-flight mask. Eve Lom Rescue Recovery Mask is a personal favorite after flying. It adds moisture to the skin and helps soothe any mild irritation.
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