Alison Valentine

Alison Valentine has an interesting day job — as a florist, she creates high-end arrangements for fashion houses like Hermès and Oscar de la Renta. But, that artistic talent isn't limited to her 9-to-5: Her flirty, fun aesthetic clearly influences her real passion, which is her after-hours gig as an alt-pop crooner.
Her musical creations are as intricate as her floral ones, full of shimmery, dance-y beats and sweet lyrical reflections. Valentine doesn’t shy away from any sugar, but fortunately, there’s enough spice to keep us guessing. Her debut album will be out this year, and it’s ‘100% raw Alison,’ to use her words — making the singer a refreshing ray of sunshine in the music world.

What makes me different from other singers
"I’m very feminine, and I think a lot of girls in music try to be really tough. I’m not afraid to be really girlie. It means being more vulnerable — when you put yourself out there, it’s easy to be mean and tough and wear all black, but being sunshine and being the light, being nice and girly is a little harder. Of course, I want to be strong but also be myself, which is girlie, feminine, and vulnerable. And, I just want to share happiness in my music."

Why I walked away from my first album
"I spent a lot of time making the wrong sound. I made a record that was the totally wrong thing, and I had to tell the label we weren’t going to release that. It was too focused on the producer’s sound and not on just being raw and all about me. At a certain point, I just had to let go. I was really attached to the songs, and it was hard for me, but the label felt like a boys’ club, and I just wasn’t able to successfully get what I wanted, so I just had to walk away from it. It was scary, but I had to cut my losses and move forward."


Beauty is...
"This might be cliché, but I think beauty is really something that comes from the inside. It’s confidence, fearlessly being yourself, and it has to do with being really true to yourself and that’s going to come through no matter what you’re wearing."

DKNY Blue Crop Top and Blue High Waisted Pant; Samuji Pink Ankle Strap Heels.
Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci; Hair by Bethany Brill; Styled by Laura Pritchard

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