I Never Wanted To Get Married...But Now I Am

By Bunny

I was never someone who cared about weddings.

I don’t mean that in a bragging, “not like other girls” kind of way — just as a statement of fact. I was never the sort of kid who dreamed about my wedding day, drew pictures of my dress, or played dress-up themed around weddings.

Even as an adult, I’ve never cared about weddings or getting married. I planned to spend my life having casual flings, never settling down, and enjoying an old age surrounded by more animals than people. When I met the person who became my first love (not my first lover, by any means, but the only person for whom I’d ever felt romantic love), I was still content to just be with this person for life, without having any desire for a dress or a ring or legal paperwork.

In fact, we were together for almost a decade before we decided that marriage, at some point, would probably be a good idea, and even then it was almost entirely because we couldn’t think of any other way we could get the most important members of our families — spread across five countries in three continents — to actually come together and meet.

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Not being interested in marriage, commitment, or the trappings of relationships has been an aspect of my personality for so long — and the aspect of myself I’ve had to defend almost as often as my complete lack of interest in having children — that it had become, in my eyes, a core part of Who I Am.

Which is why I’ve been struggling, and honestly experiencing more than a little anxiety, over the growing realization that I am actually rather invested in the wedding we’ll be having in the next couple of years. Especially once we’d settled on an approximate time frame. To my surprise, I have strong opinions on everything — from the theme to the food. I’ve even been feeling anxious about the aspects of the wedding I decided to let someone else control.

I’ve been having some self-doubt about the whole thing. If the commitment-phobe of the family could turn out to be this excited about getting married, might I also be wrong about my lack of interest in having children? And even if I know I still don’t want kids, will my sudden interest in a wedding that actually costs money and requires effort be taken as evidence of my changing mind and, therefore, a green flag for people to restart their old habit of nagging me about reproducing?

It didn’t help that my spouse-to-be, an incurable romantic who’d been engaged to his previous love at the mere age of seventeen, continued to proudly declare to everyone — and I was never sure whether it was for my benefit or his genuine feelings — that the “only reason” we were getting married at all was to have a good excuse for a family party.

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I’m ashamed to admit that, for a brief time, I did get quite defensive about things. I didn’t do an official announcement about our engagement for months, to the point that my best friend called me one day to ask, surprised, if I’d gotten engaged and why hadn’t I called her with the news. I avoided discussing anything about the wedding with anyone — no giggling chats about dresses and flowers with friends and family, no serious talks about budgets, and no concrete dates.

Eventually, thankfully, I got over it. I realized that it isn’t the concept of marriage that excites me. It’s getting married to this specific person whom I love — creating a ceremony to celebrate how awesome he is and how much I care about him — and then sharing that message with the other people I love. It’s creating something that reflects our values and interests: a big family party that everyone will say was “so totally us” as they shake their heads and laugh.

Because I met someone so wonderful, that person was able to make a chronic commitment-phobe like me not only fall in love, but also want to spend the rest of my life with this person. And someone that awesome is worth celebrating.

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