Proof Dark Walls Are Pretty Much Always A DO

Today, we are happy to share Anna Dorfman's lovely home. Anna says, "My husband Evan and I (and our dogs, Bruno and Fritz) divide our time between two homes — a rental apartment in Brooklyn, and an 1891 Victorian house in the historic City of Newburgh, which is about 60 miles north of NYC in the Hudson Valley region of upstate New York. We go back and forth between the two places depending on what our work schedules are like (Evan is a technologist and musician, and I'm a book cover designer), but the house is really our home.

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"We're on a loose, multiple-decade plan with renovations, the pace of which is determined by urgency, time, and money. We have no deadlines. And, we don't think about resale value, so we try to make sure that everything we put into the house is what we really want. As as result, our house has really turned into a sort of dream space for us. It's not in what you'd call 'the country,' but it sits on a bluff overlooking the Hudson River and is surrounded by beauty — both natural and man-made."

Click through for a tour of the stunning space!

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