Top Tech Picks For Moms

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When we were looking for advice on the greatest tech tools for pregnancy, we turned to Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner, the experts behind Cool Mom Tech. At the intersection of tech and style, Cool Mom Tech covers the things you need to tackle parenting. Here’s what they had to say.
First things first — how did Cool Mom Tech get its start?
"After running Cool Mom Picks for a few years, we saw an increasing amount of technology aimed at parents. We’d get tons of pitches in our inboxes for apps, along with all sorts of other tech, and so finally, we decided that parents needed a place to go for information about tech that addressed their (and our) specific needs."
What are your favorite apps for pregnancy?
"We recently featured Totally Pregnant on Cool Mom Tech, which is a super comprehensive pregnancy app and quite possibly one of the best we’ve seen. While RedStamp isn’t specifically for pregnant moms, we love how easy it makes creating and sending thank-you cards, which can be an overwhelming task when you’ve got a new baby. And, if the Threes app had been around when we were pregnant, it could have helped us pass the hours during all those long doctor visits. It’s super addictive. Don’t say we didn’t warn you."
Which tech tools are a must-have for expectant women?
"If there’s one gadget we’d have wanted when we were pregnant, it would be a tablet. When is the Apple Store going to start a registry? Whether you’re watching pregnancy videos, reading a birthing e-book, or just catching up on Game of Thrones on a sleepless night, it’s a pretty invaluable tool."
How can moms-to-be use technology to address the challenges of pregnancy?
"We love how technology has allowed moms to connect with other moms (and parents), which can really help when you’re feeling overwhelmed, or need a quick answer to a silly or serious question. Sometimes it’s just as simple as being able to pop onto social media to vent, or Facetime (or Skype) with a family member to help get you through those 40 weeks. Or, almost 42, if you’re like us."
What’s the best way to un-plug?
"We set aside times in our days when we put away our computers and turn our phones off. For us, having those specific times helps us get into a routine, which makes us more apt to remember to do it daily. We’re not perfect and rules are made to be broken. But, we do our best and make a conscious effort, even if on some nights, it’s just a tech-free dinner."
In preparation for their baby's arrivals, are there any tech must-haves that our readers should have before they head home from the hospital?
"If there was a gadget or app that would help you get sleep, we’d be all over that. But, we’re still waiting for that one to be invented."
For more tech tools for moms, check out the 9BLISS guide to pregnancy apps.

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