Naomi Goes Barefoot, Young New Yorkers Are Rude and Stacy Benet's Fur Vest (In Summer...)

NYC's 20-somethings need some etiquette classes. Good thing there's a guide to stop 'em from being so damn rude. (Guest of a Guest)
Stacy Bendet wore a fur vest in the heat of summer to the Alice and Olivia for MAC launch at Beauty Bar. We get promoting your clothes, but c'mon. (The Cut)
National treasure! An 18th century ship found was found the ruins of the World Trade Center! (Gothamist)
Want to go back in time this weekend and dress like Daisy Buchanan? Well then head over to the 5th Bi-Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party, this Saturday and Sunday. (Dreamland Orchestra)
Truffle lovers and foodie fanatics rejoice, Urbani Truffles is opening up on the West Side. (New York Times)
Now that Barneys Co-Op is opening in Brooklyn, Sephora is look to get in on the action. Hipsters are not amused. (Racked)
Naomi, have you lost your mind?! Dogs and drunk dudes pee right where you're stepping! (Jezebel)

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