8 Things To Know This AM — Aug 18 2015

This amazing woman spent 15 years on death row for killing her abusive husband — a crime she didn't commit. When we met up with her soon after she was released, she just wanted to go to Outback and try a Bloomin' Onion. (Refinery29)
Chelsea Manning — the soldier imprisoned for giving classified info to WikiLeaks — has a hearing today that could lead to her being put in solitary confinement. Her crime? She says she's being punished for having expired toothpaste and a copy of Vanity Fair. (The Guardian)
The best part of the magnitude 4.0 earthquake that hit San Fran on Monday is this Vine of a weatherman dealing with the tremor on live TV. The other good thing is that no major damage was reported. (Vine)
The Thai defense minster said Monday that a bomb set off in central Bangkok was aimed at killing tourists. A BBC reporter on the scene described seeing body parts strewn around the site of the popular shrine. At least 19 are confirmed dead, with over a hundred wounded. (BBC)
The White House has a plan for fighting the growing heroin epidemic — treat addicts, rather than just locking them up. And it's about time: the number of Americans dying from heroin overdoses has quadrupled in the past ten years. (Huffington Post)
One day soon, instead of suggesting Adderall to treat ADHD, your doctor could prescribe you a video game. A California startup is trying to get a game approved by the FDA, to treat a host of neurological conditions. (NPR)
Upperclassmen at an elite prep school sexually assaulting female students and making it a competition? It sounds like the plot of a bad Lifetime movie...but sadly it's real. (Washington Post)
New York City has a shark — and he's Twitter famous! A hammerhead named Elias is swimming around the beaches of Queens and Brooklyn, which we know thanks to a tracking device. (Gothamist)

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